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We make products with whole body health in mind

You love natural health, we love natural health. You using our products just makes sense.

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The products you use every day are harming you. We are here to help you change that.

Raw Honey

Our Raw honey from Tooele, Utah is full of amazing complex amino acids, healthy carbs and provides a host of health benefits! Pretty cool, right?

Beeswax Lip Balm and Skincare Creams

We spent years developing original formulations for people with dry and sensitive skin. All of our products are free of perfumes and dyes and are scented with the highest quality essential oils.

Sensitive skin? We get it! We've got your six!

Muscle soreness relief!

Did you have an epic workout? Do you have muscle cramps? Is your knee bugging you? We're here for you. Our muscle relief cream will deliver cool relief to your sore muscles to help you recover faster!

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Original formulations developed with you in mind

All of our products are created with a specific need in mind.

Hand Crafted

Our entire product line was developed in house by our founder, Chaz. When you buy one of our products, you're getting the best of the best. You won't find any fluff or fillers here. Guaranteed.

Made with health in mind

The health of our friends, family and customers is our top priority. We developed our product line with this in focus. We maintain an open label policy and aim to be completely transparent with the people we care about, you and your family.

Love and Heart

We give back to our community! Each year we do at least one giveaway to help the people in our community. These giveaways will continue growing to help the people who need our products the most.

Family Owned

We're a family owned and operated business. This means that you'll get a much more personal customer service experience when you have questions. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

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Hand Crafted Natural Wellness Products Made With You In Mind

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Thousands of bees are cared for!
Family Owned with just two employees (and growing)
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